Volt signs election campaign agreement

Volt signs election campaign agreement

Jan 23, 2023, 6:00:00 PM UTC
Today, Volt together with 8 other parties agreed on and signed a joint agreement regarding the election campaign for the super election year 2023.
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Today, Volt, together with 8 other parties, agreed on and signed a joint agreement on campaigning for the 2023 super-election year. The Election Campaign Agreement was launched by LSAP to regulate a fair election campaign outside the existing laws and to establish meaningful modalities to which all 9 signing parties commit. CSV, DP, LSAP, The Greens, ADR, the Pirate Party, The Left, Focus and Volt signed.

Among other things, the campaign agreement stipulated the following:

  • The official campaign for the municipal elections starts on 15 May and lasts 4 weeks, the official campaign for the parliamentary elections starts on 4 September (posters from 2 September) and lasts 5 weeks.
  • Advertisements and publicity on buses, bus stops, in trams or at railway stations will be dispensed with.
  • The number of large posters (150 cm by 200 cm) has been limited to 90 for the municipal elections, 120 are allowed for the national elections.
  • A maximum of three gadgets each may be distributed as election gifts, and sustainable material is to be used. Balloons should be avoided as far as possible.
  • A maximum of €100,000 may be spent in total on election advertising in print media, social media, radio and TV, as well as cinema spots.

The entire agreement can be found here (in Luxembourgish) and signed by all parties: