Rolf Tarrach, 71

Occupation: President of the European University Association
Nationality: Luxembourgish and Spanish
Languages spoken: Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Spanish

Brief motivation:
Towards a Knowledge-based progressive and democratic European federation.

After 27 years of teaching and research in quantum physics and 18 years of leading research and academic institutions in Spain, Luxembourg and Brussels, I would like to spend the next years putting my experience to good use for Europe. Volt offers the right frame for doing so.

Nous avons besoin d’une nouvelle dynamique pour l’Europe. Au Parlement Européen la pensée dominante est nationale, pas européenne. L’Europe est le second choix. Volt veut changer cela. Le Luxembourg, le pays le plus européen qui soit, est le pays idéal pour impulser, voire mener ce changement.

Volt kann es ändern, denn wir sind zuerst europäisch und dann national. Wir werden also Europa im Europäischen Parlament verteidigen, auch weil das das Beste ist was wir für Luxembourg machen können. Wir leben in der Zeit der Dämmerung des nationalen Denkens.

When you vote for a national party, you have to look at the parties of the other countries that are in the same political group, because you are empowering them too, and some of them are openly anti-European and even anti-democratic. You do not need to do this with Volt, because for us Europe comes first.”


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