Our national programme for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Luxembourg 2023 is in the making!

Our mission for Luxembourg

What exactly does Volt stand for in Luxembourg? We define ourselves on the one hand by our core values and on the other hand by our mission and goals for politics in Luxembourg.

We address three main issues:


Promoting Europe and the European Union

Volt stands for Europe and Europe is not conceivable for us in any other way than with the European Union. In Luxembourg, too, we want to further strengthen the EU and its institutions in order to create an even more harmonious coexistence and an even closer connection with our neighbours. Luxembourg is the EU country par excellence, with 47% of its inhabitants being foreigners, 83% of whom come from the EU.

→ For example, we want to fruther promote the system of the European School.


Empowering every citizen equally

Volt also stands for the empowerment of citizens, and by that we mean every citizen, regardless of gender, sexuality, nationality, religion or cultural identity. That's why we want to create even more tolerance in Luxembourg, which is characterised by its multiculturalism, and at the same time strengthen everyone's rights even more.

→ We are working on a programme to introduce Luxembourgish parliamentary suffrage for EU citizens.


Commit to the climate and science

But Volt also stands for a green policy with a focus on the development of new technologies. We want to make Luxembourg not only a pioneer in zero emissions, but also promote renewable energies, new technologies in aeronautics, ambitious research and a scientific community that moves Luxembourg forward.

→ Among other things, we demand the approval of autonomous electric vehicles and the exclusive promotion of renewable energies.

Our 6 priorities

In addition to all the issues and problems that could be tackled in Luxembourg politics, we have come together as Volt Luxembourg to work out certain priorities. These six priorities in particular will be incorporated into our election programme.



Housing in Luxembourg is anything but easy. With social measures, we want to guarantee affordable housing in Luxembourg for every resident.



Climate change is in full swing. Luxembourg and the EU urgently need to take more and stronger measures to counter it.

cog wheel with european stars

EU reform

We are more than just our little country: we are Europeans! That is why it is important to strengthen the EU as such and to give it a clear perspective for the future.


Citizen's Rights

The citizens of the country need to be empowered and supported. In a welfare state, no one should be left behind.



Education is our future and must be the top priority in a future-oriented state - from pre-school to higher education and professional training.



Those who seek work should find it and those who work should be able to do so under proper conditions. We therefore also demand a strengthening of the trade unions.