Meet'n Greet Throughout Luxembourg

Meet'n Greet Throughout Luxembourg

Mar 18, 2022, 7:56:07 AM UTC
We are having a Meet'n Greet Tour throughout Luxembourg. Vote on social media for your favourite pub!
people partying in Luxembourg

Are you interested to get to know Volt & want to enjoy a beer while doing so?

If so, make sure to not miss our Luxembourg Meet & Greet Tour happening in the North, South, East & Center of Luxembourg!

We love to share what we are doing and are also interested in hearing your opinions on important political issues. The exaxt dates?

The exact locations will be shared in the following days/weeks however if there is a specific place you want us to come to make sure to vote for it on our social media channels linked to below and we'll chose the location with the highest votes.

Let us know & see you there!