Julia Elisabetta Pitterman, 25

Occupation: Strategy and operations consultant for the public sector
Nationality: Italian, French and American
Languages spoken: Italian, French and English

Brief motivation:

I’m an Italian and French citizen that feels above all European. We are so lucky to be living in a continent with no wars, extreme poverty or dictatorships - it is our duty to uphold common human values and fight for future generations.

As a young woman that has seen poverty in Africa and wars in Israel, I take it upon myself to drive positive change in the European landscape. I have the unique opportunity of running as an MEP in Luxembourg for Volt Luxembourg and am proudly the only non-Luxembourgish woman running in a country where almost have of the population are foreigners. I strongly believe that the diversity model is the winning model and we should export it.

L’Europe se trouve dans une immobilité dangereuse - il est temps d’agir pour redynamiser l’Europe. Il faut rénover l’Europe, faire de l’Europe un moteur économique et bâtir une société juste et responsable.

Achieving equality by 2025 is and will be key to all my political campaigns.

I’m ready to commit to fixing Europe as well as making it become an economic powerhouse while building a just and sustainable society. Three key pillars that need to be addressed in a period of high complexity and transformational change.” 

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