GA22: Volt Europa Sets Political Priorities for 2024 European Election

GA22: Volt Europa Sets Political Priorities for 2024 European Election

Oct 10, 2022, 8:00:00 AM UTC
Volt Europa held its General Assembly in Prague. There were over 700 participants and a peaceful demonstration march through Prague's city centre.
Volters standing on the stage

> Democratising EU and energy transition top list of political priorities at 2022 General Assembly in Prague 

> Prague Summit was accompanied by one of the biggest pro-European marches in Czech history

Prague, 12 October 2022 Volt, the pan-European party, has set its political priorities heading into the 2024 European election. Making the European Union more democratic and accelerating the transition to sustainable energy sources topped the list of the vote at the 2022 General Assembly in Prague.

Over the weekend, Volters voted on climate change mitigation, a common European defence and enabling equal opportunities as policy fields with the next-highest priority. The top priorities decided upon by the general assembly will form the basis of the political programme, which Volters will draft over the coming months. This programme will be voted on at the coming summit late next year.

The Prague summit was Volt’s largest yet, with about 750 participants from Ireland to Cyprus and Portugal to Finland as well as others following the proceedings and voting remotely. Volt Luxembourg was also present with seven representatives.

Volt has grown to 20,000 members and more than 100 elected officials across 29 European countries since being founded five years ago. The party works toward building a federal European Republic with an elected executive and an abolition of national veto powers to facilitate joint decision making. Volt aims to form its own political faction in the European Parliament following the 2024 election.

“Reforming the EU and transitioning to sustainable energy sources are the changes Europe needs most at this crucial time in history”, said Reinier van Lanschot, Volt’s co-president. “By setting these political priorities for 2024, we have kickstarted the most ambitious trans-national policy-creation program ever carried out”, added Francesca Romana D’Antuono, van Lanschot’s fellow co-president.

On the late afternoon of 8 October, Volt was joined by Pulse of Europe on a march through the streets of the old town, in what was the biggest pro-European demonstration so far in the country.

A hightlight during the GA was of course the speech by Volt's Member of the European Parliament, Damian Boeselager. On the one hand, he spoke about his experiences during his visit to Ukraine, and on the other hand, he drew our attention to the fact that Volt is about doing and implementing - we must not lose sight of our goal of a united and strengthened Europe. The encouraging speech was extremely gripping and we thank Damian for it!

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