Feminist March 2023: Volt participates once again

Feminist March 2023: Volt participates once again

Mar 9, 2023, 11:22:23 AM UTC
This year, Volt again showed solidarity with all women worldwide and marched in the rally for International Women's Day.
people holding banners and posters

International Women's Day is every year on 8 March and it is important for everyone to stand up for the fact that everyone, whether woman, man, trans, inter, fluid or neutral, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin colour or origin, deserves the same human rights.

For Luxembourg, a few positive statistics have appeared in recent days. For example, Statec reports that the gender pay gap, based on the mean hourly wage for women and men, was even slightly in favour of women in Luxembourg in 2021 (0.2%), a first in Europe.[1] In addition, Eurostat was able to show that the difference between the percentage of men who are self-employed and women who are self-employed in Luxembourg is 2.2%, the second lowest rate in Europe. zweetniddregsten Taux an Europa ass.[2]

Now, however, one must not believe that everything has been achieved. There are still inequalities between the sexes. For example, there are a lot of professions in which women are completely underrepresented, even in politics it is still the case that there is an enormous surplus of men. We at Volt are also affected by this problem and are happy about every woman (and every man!) who helps us to restore the balance of representation.

Volt wäerVolt will continue to strive to stand up for the rights of all people equally and looks back with satisfaction on a successful feminist march.

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