Volt joined the Women's Strike 2022!

Volt joined the Women's Strike 2022!

Mar 8, 2022, 6:30:00 PM UTC
Volt took part in the International Women's Day demonstration in Luxembourg City.

On 8 March, it was that time again and on International Women's Day, committed people who stand up for women's rights went to the capital of Luxembourg to demonstrate. From the main train station to Place d'Armes, around 1500 protesters, including representatives of Volt, moved to loudly voice demands for equal treatment, an end to violence and an end to discrimination.

Volt has always been committed to women's rights. We continue to demand:

  • Tax relief and financial support for single parents.
  • Full and fair parental leave for all, including gay couples and single parents.
  • Equal pay for women and men with the same qualifications and for the same work (current adjusted gender pay gap in Luxembourg: 1% seen on monthly salary, 7% seen on annual income).

We wish all women a happy 8th March!