Volt's Europe Week 2021

Volt's Europe Week 2021

May 3, 2021, 6:00:00 AM UTC
The ninth of May is Europe Day! We celebrate a united Europe with a different event planned for each day!
Volt's Europe Week

The ninth of May is Europe Day! We celebrate a united Europe, the 71st anniversary of the Schumann Declaration. To mark the occasion, Volt has planned an eventful week, with a different small event taking place each day, allowing us to experience the full range of a pan-European party up close - as close as the current situation allows. From small get-to-know-you videos, cooking events and a quiz - a colourful mix of different events will make us shine in blue with golden stars this week 😊

You can find the events on the Volt Europa Facebook page:

The events are as follows:

Monday: European cities - 5 minutes of fame.

Volters from all over Europa are given the opportunity to present their city in 5 minutes and this will be included in a Europe-wide broadcast on Youtube and Facebook on the official Volt Europa channels. This way we can get to know the culture, architecture and history of your home town the 5 minutes of fame that it deserves! (P.S.: The video of Luxembourg starts at 19:06)

YouTube: Volt's Europe Week: European cities - 5 minutes of fame

Tuesday: "Cook with EU": Catalan Cream!

Iván Villarta Garcia, Xenia Ivanova and Pietro Maccari are going to cook this famous spanish dessert. Join us and watch the stream on facebook or on youtube. We will also talk about traditions and the story behind Catalan Cream.

We will also talk about politics, the pandemic situation in each country and the cook will also present their own volt team: Volt Madrid, Volt Strasbourg and Volt Bologna.

YouTube: Volt's Europe Week: Cooking Europe

Wednesday: Tongues of Europe

On the 5th of may join us on a very funny language game. We will laugh about languages in europe, funny idiomatic phrases, funny sounds and funny words. The game consists in a kahoot game, where people will be asked to guess the language, the meaning of a word or just simply guessing the country where people use that idiomatic phrase.

We will also share each other's experiences and funny language misunderstandings.

We warn you: you will laugh a lot!

YouTube: Volt's Europe Week: Tongues of Europe

Thursday: Purple Pub Quiz

Interested in Europe's diverse culture and also missing some pub atmosphere? We´ll have our Purple Pub Quiz on May 6th, 19:30 CEST and would like you to join our great moderators Ekaterina Niklyaeva (Co-Events Lead Volt France) and Daniel Silva (Co-President Volt Luxembourg) to have a great evening together, with questions and an interactive tool for your answers.

YouTube: Volt's Europe Week: Purple Pub Quiz

Friday: Paneuropean Chapter Meet & Greet (Multi-Language)

Are you a volunteer, a new member or just interested in Volt but haven't signed up yet? Search no more: this event is dedicated answer all your questions (or, at least the ones about Volt)!

Don't miss the opportunity to speak to volunteers and members from all over Europe!

When? 07.03.2021 at 19h CEST
Where? Volt Europa Discord

Saturday: Cleaning Europe

The Europe Week is a great opportunity to make some visible impact on our cities all over Europe. Garbage is a big problem for the environment and a lot of people don’t care about it and just drop their garbage on the streets or - even worse - somewhere in parks etc. We as Volt Europa show that we care about the environment and should have our share in keeping our cities clean!

Sunday: Europe Day

YouTube: Volt's Europe Day

18:00 MESZ: Deputies Meet - from local to European

We invited elected representatives of Volt to share some experiences. These can be representatives from the local, regional, national or European political level. Confirmed guests will be Damian Boeselager as member of the European Parliament, Eileen O'Sullivan as deputy of Frankfurt (am Main) and Francesco Viola from Mantova.

Not yet confirmed is a member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands and a candidate from Copenhagen.

In the panel discussion moderated by Davide Zurlo guests will discuss the following questions: How is it to be the newcomer in an established democratic structure? How are the experiences different on local compared to national and European level?

19:00 MESZ: Quo Vadis Europa - From Covid to CoFE

We invited guests, politicians, activists, political scientists to discuss with us the future of Europe. Confirmed guests will be Damian Boeselager as member of the European Parliament, Roger Casale .... ...

The panel discussion will be moderated by Claudio Lanza. We will talk about current developments, institutional reforms and how to get citizens more engaged in European politics.

20:00 MESZ: CoFE - what's next to come?

How can the Conference on the Future of Europe help us shape a better Europe for everyone?

The Conference on the Future of Europe is one step closer to starting!
The European Commission, European Parliament and Council launched the digital platform that will serve as an introduction for the #COFE and allow EU citizens to interact and send proposals.

Volt Europa will be taking an active role on the platform, participating and organising events. One of these Events will take place on Europe Day, the 9th of May just after then Panel Discussion Quo Vadis Europa - Panel discussion NGOs and politicians at 20h CEST. Join us and share your thoughts on how the Future of look like in different topic channels 💜💜💜

Thanks Damian Boeselager and all MEPs who are working on the Conference!

Via www.volteuropa.org/discord

21:00 MESZ: Dinxperience in Dutch and German

Image source: Creative Commons (CC) by Kyle Wagaman