Statement on the protests in Luxembourg City

Statement on the protests in Luxembourg City

Dec 8, 2021, 9:16:56 PM UTC
Volt has a clear opinion on the riots of 4 December at the Christmas market in Luxembourg City.
protester in Luxembourg city

We all know the Luxembourgish saying, “The church stays in the village!” (which translates to: “Keep a cool head!”). This sentence is almost as much a part of good manners in Luxembourg as eating and drinking. But unfortunately, some of the participants in last Saturday's demonstration seemed to have forgotten their good upbringing. And that is unacceptable.

While Volt will always stand for strong civic participation, democracy and freedom of expression, we will also always stand against violence, rioting and wanton destruction.

Living together in a society means following the rules that society has agreed upon. Those who do not do so exclude themselves.

The demonstration was not officially registered, which made it impossible to plan it better with the organisers. Communication is the most important component of any society anywhere in the world, even more so in a democratic state. So those who go along with unannounced demonstrations are going against society and against democracy. And we cannot accept that.

Therefore, our direct demand to all people who want to change something politically is: Become active, not by storming a Christmas market, but in NGOs and political parties! Because these are the places where the future of our society is shaped.