Daniel Silva, 35

Occupation: IT Trainer
Nationality: Luxembourgish and Portuguese
Languages spoken: Luxembourgish, Portuguese, French, German, English

Brief motivation:

“I have always considered myself to be “European”. Youth exchanges enabled me to have my first travel opportunities at a young age, and actually I met my wife through a European initiative while she was pursuing an EVS in Luxembourg. Europe has given me wonderful moments, and I feel it’s time to give back.

In my opinion, politics is about wanting to get involved, to thrive to change the status quo, to offer an alternative solution and not just criticise from the comfort of inaction.

Thanks to Volt I have found a thrilling, vibrant and diverse community from all corners of the continent. Just after signing up online, our president George got in touch. Very soon after, I had a Volt branded email.

While working in Volt Luxembourg I connect with various members across Europe, get active on different fronts, read and discuss policies with established members of the movement and much more. There are no boundaries, I feel empowered, electrified and I believe that it is this positive energy we all carry within our movement that will give us the opportunity to achieve great victories.

Every country has a role to play in Europe's future, but we believe that it is as a unified voice that we can help shape today’s and tomorrow’s future. I look forward to representing you and thanks for your time.” 


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