Christopher Lilyblad, 30

Occupation: Consultant and academic researcher in sustainable development, elected member of municipal council
Nationality: Luxembourgish and American
Languages spoken: Luxembourgish, French, German, English

Brief motivation:
“As a candidate for Volt Luxembourg in the upcoming European elections, I am first and foremost an ambassador for the principles of the Amsterdam Declaration, which offers a bold new vision for a reformed, integrated, and united European Union.

Only a united Europe can solve the many urgent crises of our times, within our borders and beyond, from social inequalities and democratic deficits to climate change and forced migration. And only Volt is truly committed to fending off the threats posed by populism, nationalism, and corruption, and to shaping the way politics is done in a strengthened Europe.

I joined this movement because I believe in people-powered change. As an elected member of local government in the Municipality of Betzdorf, I have spent years at the critical intersection of Luxembourgish politics and EU-policy. I have seen firsthand the positive contributions Luxembourg can make to the European discourse, and I am confident that Volt’s pan-European approach can help amplify Luxembourg’s voice in the next European Parliament.

I am proud to be a product of so much that makes Luxembourg a shining beacon of European virtues. Our national community is based not on citizenship but on shared values, and allows someone like me to balance multiple identities without shame or contradiction. My ancestors came to Luxembourg from many different corners of the earth, and I, in turn, am proud to be the father of two children who are entitled to four different passports.

Now more than ever, the dream of Europe – open, prosperous, and free – depends on all of us to mobilize in its defense, and I am proud to be serving this cause as a member of Volt Luxembourg.” 


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