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Future made in Europe

What is Volt?


Volt is a Pan-European political movement, focused on changing the way politics is done and shaping our shared future.

Europe faces many challenges. Populism, the environmental crisis, social and economic inequality, corruption, human rights abuses, global health crises, and menaces from global military superpowers threaten the very fabric of Europe’s existence. We are acting together across borders to overcome these challenges.

Volt is one political party and one community that exists in over 30 different European countries. We have over 60 elected delegates in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria, and have run elections in Luxembourg, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, and Austria (and are preparing for many more).

How does Volt plan to change politics?


As Volt Europa, we organise and unite communities from across Europe to share best practices, create powerful solutions, and take action as one. We use a grassroots approach to politics where we connect and enable communities to act and to stand against nationalism and populism. 

That’s how we lead by example to foster a united and federal Europe: A Europe with the highest human rights, environmental, social, and technological standards possible, where everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. That’s our way of doing politics and how we are building a better future.

Volters commemorating the Schengen Agreement in Schengen

How and by whom was Volt founded?


In 2016, the Brexit vote and the rise of right-wing populism in Europe prompted three young Europeans to stop watching and start acting. Italian Andrea Venzon, French Colombe Cahen Salvador and German Damian Boeselager created Volt, a cross-border political approach for Europe to find new pragmatic and progressive answers to the challenges of our time.

What does the name "Volt" stand for?


We have derived the name Volt from the international unit of measurement of electrical potential. We have chosen this name because we want to bring new energy to Europe and because it represents our fast and efficient team. Moreover, the use of an international word allows us to keep the same name throughout Europe.

What is Volt planning?


Since our foundation, Volt has continued to grow across Europe, now counting tens of thousands of members across Europe, and has over 60 elected delegates across the European Parliament, National Parliaments, City and Municipal Councils, and City District Councils.

Volt Luxembourg

Volt is a registered political party in Luxembourg, and has participated in the European Parliamentary Elections in 2019. We are preparing to run in the upcoming municipal, legislative, and European elections. Our members come from all over Luxembourg and the expat community. Watch this space!

What are Volt's political values?


You will find our core values in an elaborated document. You will also find our programme for the European elections (which is the same for every Volt chapter in every country) and our national programme (which is being prepared).

What could Volt achieve in the 2019 European elections?


For a small and new party, our result was respectable. We got 2.1% of the votes in Luxembourg. Here are our results in detail:

Results of the european elections in Luxembourg in 2019
Julie Pelcé
Co-President Julie Pelcé
Daniel Silva
Co-President Daniel Silva