The paneuropean party and political movement

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Only a Europe that acts together can solve our shared challenges. That’s why we empower people to change politics and unlock Europe's potential.

To achieve this we continue to grow as a Pan-European community that acts on all levels. From the European, to the national, to the local levels, we act as one party and as one movement.

showcasing two posters

Helping Volt Trier with their posters

Feb 7, 2021
Four members of Volt Luxembourg gave our German colleagues from Volt Trier a hand.

Volt - This is us!

European challenges need European solutions. National parties are reaching their limits, and populist promises are putting our peace at risk. That is why Volt was founded, a movement and party for the whole of Europe. We are the first pan-European party - we make politics for a federal Europe across European borders. In more than 30 countries we encourage citizens on the local, national and European levels to rethink and shape politics.

We are pan-European, pragmatic and progressive. Against the background of common values and goals, we ask courageous questions and make feasible proposals to solve pan-European grievances.

Join us now!

Volt throughout Europe

We want to change the way politics is done in Europe and Luxembourg forever. We are doing this in a collaborative way, not only online, but also and above all at the local level. We meet often, organise events to talk about current policies, the changes we want to bring about and the challenges facing society, and carry out local political actions to raise awareness of the issues we care about.

We are already active in many cities: on the map below, you will find the cities where we are active. If we are already in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us or to attend one of our events. If your city is not yet on the map and you would like to be the first Volter in that city, then contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Our vision for Europe

How we want to reform the EU:
A pragmatic vision for a new and better Europe.